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Since 2008, CDRbook been helping professional engineers, students, researchers and managers around the world to make their dream come true. We are a team of professional engineers, Lawyers, and managers with years of experience in CDR writing and CDR preparation for those seeking immigration to Australia. We have been providing consulting services to a wide range of client to ensure a successful and stress-free CDR assessment experience for them. We help clients to present them professionally and get a successful CDR assessment.

CDRbook is not affiliated with Engineers Australia, and we only help clients to prepare strong CDR packages to ensure they will be assessed once they apply. We do not fabricate or write fake CDR reports.

We Prepare CDRs for:

We accept two CDR projects in each category per month to guarantee high work quality


Professional CDR Writing Services for Australia

Over 900 happy customers can not be wrong

CDRbook is the most reputable CDR writing team with professional engineers and managers in every category. Unlike other companies that most of the CDR packages are being prepared and delivered by one person; we ensure that every CDR is developed and approved by professionals in that specific field and category. This is why we only accept three CDRs per month in each group to ensure that enough attention is given to every single customer. We take your business seriously. See what previous customers say about us here.

CDR Plan A

CDR Plan A is suitable for engineers who have three engineering projects ready and can provide our team with engineering details, pictures, graphs, schematics in the special reply sheets that we provide. CDR Plan A takes about 30 days to complete.


Don’t learn from your mistakes

We help you get assessed successfully in less than 30 days

  • Professional CDR Writing Team

  • Experienced Engineers in every field

  • Competency Tests Evaluation

CDR Plan B

CDR Plan B is suitable for engineers who do not have the engineering projects ready or need help with collecting their engineering data and needs a professional team to help them with the data collection and engineering data preparation in addition to the CDR writing package.

Please note that we do not fabricate data, and we do not use, or copy plagiarism data for your CDR. We are a professional consulting company that will assist you with your engineering and CDR package preparation, similar to Resume Writing services but tailored for immigration to Australia. We value engineering knowledge and will strive to help you present yourself professionally.


CDR Writing Course

If you want to learn how to write your CDR, you are in luck. We have put together a comprehensive CDR writing course that walks you through the CDR writing process. We have provided various CDR writing templates and actual CDR submittal packages that you could use to prepare your CDR package.


CDR Plan C


Professional CDR Revising

Reviewing your CDR is one of the most important steps before filing your competency demonstration report. There are multiple requirements that will be checked by Engineering Australia before your CDR is approved. We ensure that we will review your CDR meticulously to ensure that every CDR requirement has fully complied.


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