CDR book terms and Conditions

Standard Conditions of Agreement

Since CDRbook team will use its resources, software packages, personnel and many other assets since the first day of the contract, and other client works are dependent on previous ones in terms of the time and project duration, this contract does not bear any type of refund, and clients are encouraged to read the contract, and term of service carefully before they initiate the CDR process.

 The client is responsible to follow up with the contractor on time, and as soon as CDRbook staff notifies the clients to initiate the next phase, they are required to do so, therefore, CDRbook team would be able to prepare the client’s package in time and according to the plan. If the client does not follow up with the contractor after two days of email submit date; the client has the right to put the client work on hold and initiate the next client work. In this case, those clients with late payments have to wait until the other works are finished and then CDRbook staff will resume their work accordingly. CDRbook is not responsible for any type of loss or problem caused by late payment of the clients. If the client does not follow up after 15 days, CDRbook team has the full right to cancel the contract, without prior notice, and should the client want to resume the work after this period, he or she is required to register again, and pay $100 late fee as well. Timing is everything in CDRbook, and we encourage clients to stick to their projects in order to avoid any late payment fees.

 CDRbook does not warranty the assessment result, either stated or implied. The clients are responsible for the CDR, and all the other documentation as before. All CDRbook does is to help the clients to write a professional CDR package for immigration purposes, and every item including the authenticity of the information, accuracy of the results, dates, and times mentioned in the contract, the sequence of the projects and the resume, and all the other important factors not mentioned in this contract is still the client’s direct responsibility. CDRbook only guarantees a flawless CDR that is not written for any other client before, and is according to EA’s regulations. 

 Clients are responsible to provide the contractor with the required information about their major, category, ANZSCO Code, project general information including the dates, and location of the projects, and etc. Clients are responsible to provide the contractor with the six-digit ANSCO code. It is the client’s responsibility to search for the latest ANZSCO Codes, but one source can be found here. ANZSCO Codes are used to prepare the CDR and ensure that the CDRs are prepared for the desired occupation of the clients. 

 If the Engineer Australia changes the regulations, and the requirements of the competency demonstration reports, CDRbook holds the right to charge the clients for the new and unexpected changes for those documents that has already been produced. Those documents still under progress or those that still to be written would be changed to new regulations free of charge. 

 Once the draft documents are prepared and sent to clients; they have three days to read the draft, and provide CDRbook team with their comments, and requested information. Clients are eligible for one, and one time only commenting on every draft document, and if no comment is received after this period, the document is considered as “No Comment”. If the clients required further commenting and revising after the first iteration, they will be charged for $20/h for new changes. The first round of comments is free, and included in the package.

 The duration of this contract is 30 days only, and those days that the documents are on hold in client’s side, will be added to the contract duration accordingly, and should any problem happens for late responding of the emails or requested data, CDRbook is not responsible by any means.

 The official line of communication is through Email: info@cdrbook.com and any other channel is not acceptable. Should the client feel the need to speak to CDRbook staff, a telephonic conversation can be arranged via Viber, Line, and Skype with prior coordination via info@cdrbook.com.

 CDRbook is not responsible for proofreading copy or other materials supplied by the client. CDRbook will make every effort to ensure correct spelling, punctuation, but the client is ultimately responsible for final approval of all copy.

 Projects placed on hold for more than 15 days will automatically be billed for work completed and are subject to termination and revised estimate if kept on hold for 30 days.

 Client has the right to terminate the agreement in writing. In the event of termination, CDRbook will be paid for all expenses incurred on all fees for work done up to date of termination or those in progress for more than 7 days of the initiation. All concepts and work produced up to date of termination remain the property of CDRbook.

All the bank transaction fees, and third party expenses related to transferring the money to CDRbook bank account is in client’s scope of work.