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Introduction to CDR Writing Course

We understand that the CDR writing process is very time consuming and challenging for many engineers especially those who try it the very first time. There are lot of rules and regulations that you need to know before starting your CDR writing process and even then, you should clearly understand the CDR structure, and its competency elements in order to produce a successful CDR package. We understand the frustration and that is why we are committed to help you write your own CDR package. 

This course has everything you need to know about writing a successful CDR and it will help you write you own in less than 5 days ! Yes you read it right. We have included all the required reply sheets, Resume, CPD, Career Episodes, and Summary Statement Templates that you can use as a model to write your own CDR. 


Chapter 1 : Introduction to CDR Writing Process

We will learn about all the CDR writing requirements, including those published by Australian government and engineering authorities such as engineering Austria who will assess your CDR package.


Chapter 2 : CDR Structure and Requirements

In this chapter, we will learn about the CDR structure and ANZSCO codes and how we should use them in our CDR writing process.


Chapter 3 : How to write a successful CDR?

In this chapter, you will learn all the requirements of writing a successful CDR and items that you should include in your CDR package in order to increase your chance of successful assessment. Also there are items that should not be mentioning in your CDR package and many engineers will receive negative result due to including them inadvertently. In this chapter, we will learn to avoid them altogether. Then, You will have access to download and use CDR reply sheets that will make your CDR writing process much simpler. Also, you can download Resume, CPD, and Summary Statements templates that I have included in this course for your to download, to speed up the process even more.


Chapter 4 : CDR Plagiarism and Proofreading 

In chapter four, you will also learn CDR authenticity requirements and how to avoid plagiarism in your CDR package effectively. Not knowing this will come with severe consequences such as being banned from applying for any Australian visa for one Year. So we should pay extra attention to these requirements, and good news we have gathered them all, in this chapter. 


Chapter 5 : How to get a CDR Sample with 50% discount

We have prepared an exceptional product with an exceptional price. You can purchase a very professional, CDR sample with all the documents in Word file format, and already numbered with 50% discount when you buy this course. Once, you use our products and templates and fill out the forms based on your knowledge and experiences; you not only save considerable amount time and money, but also you avoid plagiarism because you are writing your own CDR package. 


Chapter 6 : Australian Visas

In this chapter, we will introduce you to your options when it comes to Australian Visas. Is student visa your best chance, or subclass 189 ? Here You will have access to resources online that will teach you everything about it and will help you with your career. 


Chapter 7 : Conclusion 

In final chapter we will review the important notes we leaned in this course and summarize the resources.