We are the best at what we do.

We are the best at what we do.


This is why more than 2000 customers chose us

CDRbook is the pioneer in CDR consulting service for the past eight years. We provide high-quality CDRs that are assessed successfully the very first time. We have utilized the latest technologies to ensure a smooth CDR Preparation Process.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We have proudly assisted thousands of individuals through 2000 successful CDR submissions since 2008 (including CDR writing, CDR revising and CDR review cases). We do have an astonishing %96 success rate thanks to our professional teams in various engineering fields. We are so confident in our ability that we offer a %100 money back guarantee on every case prepared by CDRbook team.  For further information regarding the money back guarantee plan, please read the notes at the bottom of this page. 

Professional CDR Packages

All of the CDR packages are reviewed by multiple teams including but not limited to the technical writers, managers, and Quality Control Department. This will ensure that all the products offered by CDRbook will be of the highest quality.

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Free Evaluation And Consultation Even Before CDR Purchase!

As a promise to keep our clients happy, we would provide unlimited support regarding your immigration and CDR assessment, even if you are not yet our customer. Please feel free to ask us any question you have regarding your CDR project and our technical staff get back to you in less than 24 hours. 

Free CDR Plagiarism Review and test Certificate

CDRbook is the only company which utilizes multiple plagiarism engines to ensure the final CDRs are as unique as our clients. Also, we utilize Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256 to ensure every bit of information is kept secure. 


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Access to technical department

Clients with CDR plans B and Master Plan B will have unlimited access to our technical team during their CDR preparation process. They can communicate with our staff directly to ensure their feedback will be reflected in their work. We offer technical support which is provided by senior engineers in your field of study. When it comes to your success, we don't take chances. 

We work personally with each client at their own pace

We understand that our clients might have busy schedules and might not be able to provide the required documents or review their prepared packages at specified time. Therefore, we will work with out clients to as much as possible, and adapt our workflows with theirs.  


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Tailored CDR packages based on the your background

Every single Career Episode, and CDR produced at CDRbook is as unique as our clients themselves. After our initial review, we will make sure that all your skills, and competencies are accurately reflected in your package. This will ensure that the final product is unique as our clients. Client will have the opportunity to review their packages and provide their feedback at every stage of the way. 

All CDR packages are constantly being updated based on the latest cDR requirements

All the CDR Samples on this website are being constantly monitored and updated based on the latest CDR writing rules and regulations. This will ensure a consistent and reliable source of CDR writing for applicants.

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Instant CDR Templates and form Download 

All the forms and CDR templates and forms available for download immediately after product purchase. This will ensure that clients will have access to documents, and questionnaires as soon as they complete the purchase. There would be no delay to access the forms. 

CDR packages in Word and pdf formats for easy editing

CDRbook is proud to provide clients not only with the Professional CDR packages, but include the Word document templates that are ready for future editing and further customization. All the career episodes, and summary statement documents are numbered completely, and if you change or delete one part of the package, the rest will be updated without hassle. This will ensure the maximum flexibility and project consistency after CDR package is produced.



Are You Ready to Experience your Successful CDR Assessment with us ?


  1. Regarding the guarantee process. If you submit your CDR which is prepared by CDRbook team, and it is not assessed successfully the first time, you will receive some comments from your case officer. We will work with you and revise your CDR FREE of charge. In case the revised CDR is not assessed successfully again, we will issue you a Full Refund, no questions asked.