CDR Sample 

CDR Sample 

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Professional Sample CDR Packages

All of the CDR sample packages are reviewed by multiple teams including but not limited to the technical writers, supervisors, and finally Quality Control Department. This will ensure that all the products on CDR Download website will be of the highest quality.


Packages are Updated based on the Latest Changes

All the CDR Samples on this website are being constantly monitored and updated based on the latest CDR writing rules and regulations. This will ensure a consistent and reliable source of CDR writing for applicants.

Filled CDR Samples with Word Template Documents

CDR Download is proud to provide clients not only with the Professional CDR Samples, but include the word template documents that are prepared completely so you don't have to write it again. All the Career Episodes are being numbered automatically, and if you change or delete one part of the package, the rest will adjust automatically. This will ensure that maximum flexibility for writing a comprehensive CDR package.



Purchase Complete CDR Packages or Individual Projects

Not only, clients can purchase the complete CDR package, but also they can select individual career episodes from other packages and purchase them individually as well. You might find a complete package that is very close to your professional and academic background. That is great news ! Similarly, you might prefer to purchase the first Career Episode from Package 1 , the second Career Episode from Package 6, and the third Career Episode form Package 15. That is totally doable ! This level of flexibility will give our client virtually unlimited options to find their optimum CDR package.

Affordable Pricing

We have prepared an exceptional product with an exceptional price. You can purchase a very professional, CDR sample with all the documents in Word file format, and already numbered with a very affordable price. Once, you use our products and templates and fill out the forms based on your knowledge and experiences; you not only save considerable amount time and money, but also you avoid plagiarism because you are writing your own CDR package.



Instant CDR Template Download 


All the forms and CDR templates are available immediately after each product purchase. All the templates are prepared in Microsoft Word so every part of the package can be revised or modified as needed. 

Lifetime Customer Support

Once you purchase a package from our team, you will have lifetime support included. If you have any pre-purchase question, or you have other questions regarding the package you have purchased, please feel free to contact us at We get back to you in less than 24 hours.