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Competency Demonstration report - CDR Plan B

CDR Plan B is suitable for Engineers, who have the knowledge and expertise in their field but they are working full time or studying, and can not find the time to prepare a quality CDR. We have considered an exceptional service that provides them with both the technical assistance and CDR writing services at the same time. In CDR Plan B, we gather the necessary and general information about your projects, and our technical departments will develop three unique and customized engineering projects based on your expertise and knowledge and then start the CDR writing process. We do not fabricate data; we do not support plagiarized content. All the projects will be relevant to your resume, and technical background. We will help you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge tailored to you in a professional CDR format. 

Competency Demonstration Report - Plan B Process

The CDR writing process will be completed in four simple steps as below. In each step, you are required to purchase the service, and within 24 hours you will receive a detailed response from our customer service team. CDRbook customer service will reach out to you via Email, and provide you with further guidelines. You are always welcome to ask you questions via before purchase. 

Step 1 : Career Episode One + Project 1

Purchase the B1 service, and download the " General Reply Sheet" form. Next, fill out the Reply sheet only for the GENERAL information like the title of the desired project, time, duration, location, etc. and send it back to us via with your most recent resume attached as well. CDRbook will develop a professional engineering project based on your competencies as well as the CE1 draft based on an engineering project. Then, you have the option to review the draft and provide us with your comments if any. Once confirmed by you as complete, we initiate the next step.


Step 1 : Registration + Reply Sheet Download + Engineering Project 1 + CE1

When you purchase B1 service, you can download Reply sheet form 1 automatically.

Step 2 : Career Episode Two + Project 2

Purchase the B2 service, and download the CE2 "Reply Sheet" and Resume templates. You are again required to provide us with the general information like those in step 1. Please send us the general information and the Resume form completed via and our technical team will develop a unique project and career episode based on the submitted information. Once completed, we send you the prepared documents, and you will have the option to review and provide us your comments if any. Once you confirm the quality, we initiate the third phase. 


Step 2: Career Episode 2 + Resume + Engineering Project 2 

When you purchase B2 service, you can download Reply sheet form 2 and Resume templates automatically.

Step 3 : Career Episode Three + Project 3

At this stage, purchase the B3 service and download the "Reply Sheet 3" and the CPD forms. Again you need to provide us with the general information about your project by filling out the specified areas in the forms. After completing the general forms, you may send them back to us via email. Next, our technical team will develop a unique engineering project and career episode three based on your skills, and knowledge.  Once, we prepare the CE3, and CPD documents based on the information you provided, they will be sent to you for comments if and you will have the option to give us your feedback if any. Once confirmed by you, we initiate the last step which is the preparation of the summary statement document. 


Step 3: Career Episode 3 + Engineering Project 3

When you purchase B3 service, you can download Reply sheet form 3 and CPD forms automatically.

Step 4 : Summary Statement + Final CDR Package

Upon successful completion of the previous documents, you may purchase the Summary Statement plan, and at this step; there is nothing to do on your side because we have all the required information for completing your summary statement. We also prepare the final revisions of your documents and send them to you in a separate email with additional instructions. At this point, the CDR consulting service is complete, and you have successfully received a professional CDR for your immigration process. 


Step 4: Summary Statement + Final Documents 

When you purchase B4 service, We will start your summary automatically. There is no document for you to download at this stage.

Important Note

  1. In step 4, all your previous documents will be revised again to ensure that all the competency elements are included in your package.
    Due to the fact, that CDR documents are being updated at each step, only draft versions will be sent to clients until the very last step which is the finalized documents after the summary statement.
    All the payments are in US Dollars.

Disclaimer: We are neither affiliated nor endorsed by Engineering Australia.