CDR Writing Service for Engineers without Engineering Projects

For clients without complete engineering details


What is CDR Writing Service Plan B ?

Australia CDR preparation and assessment is a complicated process and requires meticulous attention to details, in both technical and non-technical fields. CDR Plan B is suitable for Engineers, who have the knowledge and expertise in their field but they are working or studying full time, and can not find the time to learn CDR writing and thus prepare a quality CDR. We have considered an exceptional service that provides clients with both the technical assistance and CDR writing services at the same time.

In CDR Plan B, we help clients first to gather, and develop ALL the necessary technical information about their projects. We help them by choosing the right project topic, and also developing the right engineering content for a quality CDR. In the next phase, we start the CDR writing process similar to Plan A. We do not fabricate data; we do not support plagiarized content. All the projects will be relevant to your resume, and technical background. We will help you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge so you can present yourself professionally.



How is CDR Plan B Writing Process?

Instantly after purchasing CDR Plan B, customers will be able to download the "Reply Sheets" which are designed to collect the general information about your projects. Once completed, our support team will transfer your CDR writing data to your assigned technical team, so they could start your project immediately. The final result would be a unique and custom written CDR based on your skills, and expertise. Using this efficient method, we guarantee a smooth CDR writing process for our clients.


CDR Writing Process Plan B


CDR Plan B : Part 1

This step includes the CDR registration and downloading of CDR reply sheets. After the data collection phase is complete, our team will start preparing the requirements for your engineering projects. Once the engineering requirements are collected and developed, we initiate career episodes development — the career episodes. Once you approve the three career episodes (drafts), we will proceed by preparing the remaining documents in part 2 (CPD, Summary, Resume).

CDR Plan B - Part 1
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CDR Plan B : Step 2


At this stage, you have approved your three career episodes, and we are ready to start the remaining documents in your packaging including but not limited to Resume, CPD and Summary. Also, we will perform quality control, English proficiency and plagiarism tests on your CDR sample, and CDR packages to ensure full compatibility to Engineers’ Australia guidelines.

CDR Plan B - Part 2
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Upon the successful completion of all CDR documents, we will send you the final competency demonstration report that is uniquely prepared for you. At this point, the project is complete, and you have successfully received a professional CDR based on your own competencies. This CDR is unique to you and complies with the required CDR writing standards.



CDR Important Notes


1- CDR Reply Sheets 1, 2 and 3 are very similar but not the same, so you are required to provide us with different information on each one of them separately.

2- You may select three educational projects, or three work-related projects or any combination of both.

3-Due to the fact that CDR documents are being updated at each step, only draft versions will be sent to clients until the very last step which is the summary statement completion.

4-All the payments are in US Dollars. 

5-Duration of the Project is 30 days.

Disclaimer: We are neither affiliated nor endorsed by Engineering Australia.