CDR Master Plan B


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Who should purchase CDR Master Plan B ?

  • Students and Recent Graduates with little or no work experience
  • Professional Engineers with a short deadline to file the CDR
  • Engineers who are very busy and can not get involved in the lengthy CDR writing Process
  • Engineers with no prior knowledge about the CDR requirements and competency elements

CDR Plan B - Master Package
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Introduction to CDR Master Plan B:

CDR Master Plan B is designed for individuals who need assistance with engineering part of CDR and also need to prepare and file their CDR in a short time period. Unless you are an experienced engineer who knows the CDR writing requirements, it would be very difficult to translate your engineering knowledge into a CDR format. Our experience team, will evaluate your academic, and career background through a series of documents, and transforms them into an actual CDR with complete engineering detail. Then, you can review and approve the career episode and the CDR package once it was in complete accordance to your skills.

Since, each CDR is prepared based on your own skills, academic and career background; it would be unique as yourself. Needless to say that, you will have unlimited access to our technical department throughout the project and can request to modify each part of your package. You will be asked to present your transcripts and existing resume as input to start your CDR Package.  The turnaround time for CDR Plan B is 20 days.

We have different engineering departments that are ready to develop a unique and customized engineering project for our clients based on their expertise and knowledge. We do not fabricate data; we do not support plagiarized content. We will help the customers to show their engineering knowledge and know-how in a professional CDR format. It is evident that the responsibility for the authenticity of engineering projects and CDR package stays with the clients. 

Important Note

  1. This is the fast CDR plan offered by CDRbook, and once we start the project there is no need for your involvement until the very last step that we send the draft of your completed CDR for review and confirmation. 

  2. if you have any question prior to purchase, please contact us via If you are ready to take the first step towards your successful immigration process, know that we are ready too ! You can initiate the process by purchasing Master Plan B service above. Let's get started ! 

  3. All the payments are in US Dollars. 

  4. Disclaimer: We are neither affiliated nor endorsed by Engineering Australia.