Competency Demonstration Report - Master Plan A

CDR Sample Download for Engineering Australia

CDR Master Plan A is designed for those clients who need to prepare and submit their CDR documents in a very short period. Customers who will purchase this plan should still provide the complete engineering projects using the forms that they can download upon successful Master Plan A purchase. Also, those who buy the Master Plan A will receive $100 discount, since our engineering team will be reserved for their project, and they will have the priority support which saves CDRbook valuable time. This plan will save our clients valuable time which results in a much faster CDR package delivery. The turnaround time for CDR Plan A is 15 days.

CDR Plan A - Master Package
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Important Notes

1- CDR Reply Sheets 1, 2 and 3 are very similar but not the same, so you are required to provide us with different information on each one of them separately.

2- In step 4, all your previous documents will be revised again to ensure that all the competency elements are included in your package. 

3-Due to the fact, that CDR documents are being updated at each step, only draft versions will be sent to clients until the very last step which is the finalized documents after summary statement. 

4-All the payments are in US Dollars. 


If you have any question prior to purchase, please contact us via If you are ready to take the first step towards your successful immigration process, know that we are ready too ! You can initiate the process by purchasing Master Plan A service Above. Let's get started ! 

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